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Breathe Easy

Learn about the whole food nutrients and herbs that support a healthy respiratory system during times of heightened pollen, mold and pet dander.

More than 50 million Americans experience various types of allergies each year. Your allergy handling system is comprised of mucous membranes, mast cells and liver clearance. If your immune system is weak, then it releases too much histamine leading to symptoms such as itchy skin and eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and low energy.

Let’s learn more how your immune system works. By supporting your liver’s ability to remove histamine, increase the strength of the mast cell wall, and restore mucous membranes, you can beneficially impact your health.

Signs and Symptoms of Seasonal Stressors

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then you may benefit from natural immune support.

  • ❏ Runny Nose
  • ❏ Excessive Sneezing
  • ❏ Itchy and Red Eyes
  • ❏ Sore Throat
  • ❏ Nasal Congestion
  • ❏ Sinus Pressure
  • ❏ Difficult Breathing
  • ❏ Digestive Issues
  • ❏ Itchy Skin
  • ❏ Headaches
  • ❏ Fatigue
  • ❏ Respiratory Mucous

Symptom Support to Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Healthy Mucous Lining

Do you have a runny or stuffy nose, itchy watery eyes or a sore throat?

Strengthen your immune system and restore your mucous membrane. It’s the first line of defense against molds, pollen, and yeasts. 

Located in your nose and lungs, this membrane is your first line of defense.

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Strong Immune (Mast) Cells

Headaches, sinus issues, ear infections and fatigue got you down?

Over time, your immune system can become weak and release excess histamines that can cause common seasonal symptoms.

Mast cells create and release histamine to remove foreign particles like pollen.

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A Fit Liver and Gallbladder

Are you experiencing itchy skin, itchy running nose and sneezing?

Strengthen your liver's natural detoxification pathways to increase histamine leaving your body.

Your liver removes histamine through urine or stool using bile that is stored in the gallbladder. 

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What Impacts Allergy Symptoms?

Simply put, your immune system has an increased burden of allergens because your mucous membranes in your lungs, eyes, nasal passages and digestive tract may be weak and irritated. Within the mucous membrane structure, there are cells called goblet cells that secrete mucus. Mucus is important because it is truly the first line of defense from allergens like pollen. 

Without the protective mucus, your epithelial lining can become dry, irritated and the tight junctions between cells can widen, letting things like pollen into your body. 

Mucous membranes need to be nourished and fed with things like foods high in vitamins A and C. Traditional herbs such as Goldenseal and Echinacea can also help support goblet cell function. Let's review our favorite products and the formulas that have beneficial impact on allergy sufferers.

Clearing Histamine

Many individuals start their programs by supporting the body's ability to remove excess histamine. The liver has a natural ability to detoxify both histamine and environmental stressors such as pollen. In our office, we use a tried and true ingredient called Yakitron. Yakitron is an extract that increases blood flow into the liver, thus clearing pollen. This can lead to temporary symptom relief. For a more long term plan, you can try adding in herbs to strengthen immune cells and strengthen mucous membranes. 

Strengthening Mast Cells

Histamine is created by specialized immune cells called mast cells to remove irritants like pollen. Mast cells manufacture and hold histamine. If these cells become weak, then they can burst prematurely, releasing more histamine than necessary.

Luckily, there is a lot of amazing research about herbs that can strengthen mast cells including Albizia, Chinese Skullcap and Feverfew. This keeps the mast cells from releasing too much histamine.

Support Mucous Membrane Tissue

Finally, strengthen your first line of defense. Your mucous membrane defends pollen, bacteria and viruses from getting into your system. Mucous membranes contain specialized cells that produce mucus which protects you from foreign invaders. 

You have herbs at your disposal that are well-researched to tonify and clear your mucous membrane and help it do its job. 

In Conclusion

Seasonal stressors are all around us. Healthy individuals rarely experience symptoms because they can stop pollen, mold and yeast before it enters the system. If pollen does find its way in, they can quickly flush it out with very little histamine and detox it through the liver. 

Addressing seasonal allergy symptoms should take a wholistic approach that includes mucous membrane health, mast cells strength and liver detoxification support to have the best chance for success. 

Learn how allergies work with this free download.

Use this trifold brochure to better understand how allergies work and what kind of support may be right for you. Take the quiz with corresponding icons to figure out which products may be most helpful. 

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Sinus Forte is great for supporting all mucous membranes, not just in the sinus.

Let's Rebuild Your Body's Pollen Handling Ability!

If you’re experiencing seasonal allergy issues, you’re not alone. You don’t have to continue to suffer in silence, or simply hope that the issues might resolve on their own. There is help readily available. Our Standard Process supplements are designed to help you feel better and promote overall wellness.

If finding the root cause of your allergy problems feels overwhelming. we invite you to schedule an appointment today. We will send you links to specific information that will help you get the help you need right away. From there, we can help you figure out a protocol with some simple lifestyle recommendations right away. Don’t hesitate. Get the help you need to feel better today!

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