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Standard Process Protomorphogens

What's a Protomorphogen (PMG)?

Standard Process has a proprietary process of taking organ tissues from animals and creating highly concentrated extracts called PMGs.

Micro RNA are important for reducing inflammation and helps regulate gene expression.

We carry over 20 different PMG extracts. Each Protomorphogen extract targets a different organ group such as the thyroid gland, spleen and heart. We recommend starting slowly and building up tolerance as you go.

Protomorphogen™ Science

How are Protomorphogens™ Made?

Standard Process has been manufacturing Protomorphogen™ Extracts since the 1950's. They use a proprietary process where they are able to separate the nucleus and cytoplasm of organ cells and concentrate them into two separate ingredients; Protomorphogens and Cytosol Extracts.

Standard Process is a company that truly cares. Standard Process exceeds "FDA regulations for 21 CFR Part 111 as well as all state USDA regulations." They are able to track bottles back to individual batches and ingredients grown on their organic farm and from vendors. 

What's Inside a Protomorphogen™?

Epigenetics is the study of your changes in gene expression (which ones are turned on or off) that do not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence.

MicroRNA modulate epigentics that have a profound impact on your immune system and inflammatory response at the organ level. They are involved in the regulation of many cellular processes including cell homeostasis, apoptosis and cellular metabolism.

Standard Process PMGs have been tested and are known to contain microRNAs derived from specific animal organ tissues.*

How Do Protomorphogens™ Work?

Dr. Lee, founder of Standard Process Labs, created nutrition products that incorporated ideal sources of nutrients from both vegetables and animals.

Organ meats have more DNA per gram than skeletal muscle, different protein profiles, and different starting concentrations of vitamins and minerals.

To optimize the benefits of these ingredients sourced from animal tissues, Dr. Lee created Protomorphogen™ extracts.

Protomorphogen™ extracts contain a unique profile of minerals, nucleotides, and peptides*