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Chemicals & Heavy Metals

Arsenic Poisoning Detoxification Plan

This is recommended as a general and self-guided 30-day plan to provide healthy joint support and promotes healthy bone tissue, support healthy connective tissue and supports the body's normal tissue repair process.*

GI Adsorb™, 112 Capsules

GI Adsorb is a GI health supplement that contains clinoptilolite, an adsorbant zeolite mineral, and is formulated to support GI health and elimination.*
It also:
Contains purified Clinoptilolite (G-PUR®) — a mineral that has adsorbent properties towards naturally occurring toxins*
Contains Collinsonia Root, which has been historically used to support normal elimination and digestive health*
Helps support a healthy gut barrier*
Helps with the body's removal of naturally occurring toxins by supporting a healthy GI barrier and normal elimination*

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Upon Waking Breakfast 10am Lunch 2pm Dinner Before Bed
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*You will need one bottle for this 30-day plan. Take in morning with a full glass of water.

ChelaCo, 60 Tablets

ChelaCo contains Hawthorn, Milk Thistle seed and Garlic to provide general detoxification support.
These herbs have been traditionally used in herbal preparations to:
Support the liver as a liver tonic
Support healthy detoxification function
Support a healthy circulatory system
Help support healthy cell functioning*

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Upon Waking Breakfast 10am Lunch 2pm Dinner Before Bed
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*You will need two bottles for this 30-day plan.

Parotid PMG®, 90 Tablets

Parotid PMG supports the saliva-producing parotid gland.*
Provides a unique profile of minerals, nucleotides, and peptides
Supports healthy parotid gland function*

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Upon Waking Breakfast 10am Lunch 2pm Dinner Before Bed
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*You will need two bottles for this 30-day plan.

Livaplex®, 90 Capsules

Livaplex is a supplement for liver health that provides foundational support for the liver.*
Supports healthy liver function
Supports the body's normal toxin-elimination function Supports normal digestive environment in the GI Supports normal bile production*
Contains a combination of key ingredients from A-F Betafood®, Hepatrophin PMG®, Betacol®, Spanish Black Radish, Chezyn®, and Antronex®
Excellent source of vitamin B6 and zinc
Good source of iron, copper, niacin, and antioxidant vitamin A

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Upon Waking Breakfast 10am Lunch 2pm Dinner Before Bed
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*You will need one bottle for this 30-day plan.

Lifestyle Recommendations:

Studies show regular, low-impact exercise improves joint health. Maintain a healthy weight. Control blood sugar. Eat more raw anti-inflammatory vegetables along with lacto-fermented foods.

The Importance of Medical Professionals

If you are on pharmaceutical products and would like a medical professional to help regulate dosages and herbal interactions, please request an online appointment.

Health Screening and Risk Management

Pharmaceutical Dosing Modulation 

Herbs and Drug Interactions

Medical Testing and Tracking of Metrics

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