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Traveling soon?

Traveling soon?

Warm weather is round the corner and for most us that means; travel! As the big day inches closer our anxiety of getting sick heightens.
Travel can put extra strain on your immune system breaking it down a little faster than normal so we want to make sure you have your immune system in check before that big trip.
We put together a list of vitamins that can help protect your immune system and enhance the functions.
Vitamin A (supports immune system responses)
Vitamin C (Acts as antioxidant to limit oxidative damage during immune response)
Vitamin D (regulates genes involved in immune response)
Magnesium (Activates immune cells)
Zinc (Supports barrier integrity)
As always, we encourage a balanced diet before and during your trip to add another level of security. You want to feel your best so you don't miss out on any of those memories!
You can grab all of these vitamins here!