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Choose Your Digestive Supplement Plan

Our digestive plans are general and self-guided. This means that we provide minimal support. If you are looking for a more comprehensive and supervised approach using more individualized products (many of which we cannot sell online), we welcome you to Schedule an Online Appointment with one of our practitioners.

Intestinal Gas Plan

Choose this general and self-guided 60-day plan to support the digestion of protein, fats and carbohydrates and relieve intestinal gas.*

Embarrassing intestinal gas causes discomfort, bloating and tight fitting clothes. It also indicates incomplete breakdown of macronutrients that ferment, oxidize and putrefy leading to more serious health issues. Goals of this plan is to relieve gas by using acids and enzymes to support digestion while easing the pancreatic/blood sugar burden (to increase natural enzyme production).*

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Stomach Acid Plan

We recommend this general and self-guided 90-day plan to support the digestion of protein, fats and carbohydrates.*

Stomach acid is a combination of acids and enzymes that breakdown nutrients and protect the body through the elimination of microorganisms. Goals of this plan is to support stress handling systems, increase hydrochloric acid (HCL), neutralize over production of acid, as well as calm, soothe and restore the stomach lining.*

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Microbiome Balance Plan

Choose this general and self-guided 40-day plan to support the balance of intestinal flora.*

Bacterial overgrowth is a problem that can cause a whole array of problems and symptoms. Goals of this plan is to support digestion of carbohydrates, support immune function, balance intestinal pH and utilize herbs to balance intestinal microorganisms.*

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Advantages of MediHerb and Standard Process

We are authorized online distributors of Standard Process and MediHerb products. We trust in their organic farming methods and sourcing of raw ingredients. Even more impressive is how they process ingredients and formulate their products for consistent results.

MediHerb: Quality and Efficacy

Our office prefers MediHerb products because they source quality sources of unadulterated herbs from around the world and test batches for correct parts, species and active constituents.

They also use cold percolation processing to ensure quality of batches. Watch founder Kerry Bone show you what makes them professional grade.

Standard Process: From Soil to Supplement 

We recommend Standard Process for good reason... they are family owned and operated since 1929, using state-of-art organic farming techniques and low-heat processing methods. 

Standard Process represents American ingenuity and family values. Easily-assimilated, food-based nutrients create a foundation for wellbeing.

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